UMR deals with the design and construction of special customized tools on drawing in hard integral metal, HSS, Braze welded for the machining of steel, aluminium, cast iron, brass...

UMR, under customer specifications, is able to produce different types of special customized tools on drawing: in hard integral metal, braze welded metal and HSS, with or without coating executed with diamond wheels and under request delivered with dimensional certificate.

U.M.R. di Uberti Giorgio e Andrea s.n.c. via S. Giovanni, 63 25038 . Lodetto di Rovato BS . Tel +39 030 7703180 . Fax +39 030 7701197.

Today, thanks to many years of experience in over forty years activity in the production of special tools on drawing and supported with the aid of advanced technology, we can offer to our customers a qualified support in design and supply a wide range of high quality cutting tools such as drills, millings, reamers tools to satisfy the ever increasing demands of a constant evolving market.

We also offer  a new grinding and renewal service and  under request  a dedicated coating