Drills –  cutting Mills  – Reamers and the sharpening  

    This is our first post and other two will follow, in this one we want to highlight the first main problem about cutting tools:  their lifetime. How long can we use them before they need to be replaced. This question is connected to many other factors.

    Mistakenly we tend to use the tools as much as possible. How many times have you put off changing the oil in your car in the illusory hope of earning a few cents more. ILLUSION the damage will be greater than savings even when not manifest immediately.

    The same applies to our tools, like sharpened pencils write better a good sharped cutting tool give a better and accurate production, although many do often not take  into account. But the focus is elsewhere.

    1. If you do not let sharpen constaUMR - PUNTE IN ELICAntly you take the risk the tool splintering irreparably because friction during processing is greater when the cutting edge is no longer working with the initial fluidity.
    2. There may be unwanted vibrations, which influence in turn on the final result of your work and which cause tool wear out faster and faster.
    3. If you intervene before this happens we can still sharpen the tool without touching the important dimensions. !!!

    I’m looking forward to the next issue with the following part getting to the heart of the problem .